Crit#10, @ Cass School of Art, 29 March 2010

Monday March 29th, 2-5pm Unit 6; Sir John Cass Dept of Art, London Metropolitan University



Year 3, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths

I am currently in the third year of a BA art practice at Goldsmiths. My work attempts to reflect the tension between making artwork and being a mother. I am interested in the routines and repetitions of domestic space and its contradictions of comfort and constraint.




Dphil, Ruskin School of Art, Oxford University


Robert Rapoport makes films, some of which look at the way that a narrative can exist between social contexts and norms. He is currently working on a cycle of short narrative films on ritual and compulsion, shot in an ethnographic style.



Graduate BA, Central Saint Martins


In my work I investigate the significance of sites or objects to either history or of personal interest. As an artist I work predominantly in photography and in moving image – writing and curation also play important roles. Central to my practice is a concern with subjectivity; relics or fragments that have lost their place in a chain of events, the subject is strangely displaced, the absence suggesting the impossibility of representation. I try to document these sites in a way to transform ‘given interpretations’ and make us re-think the relationship between looking and interpreting.



Level 1, BA Fine Art, Middlesex


I will be presenting a film entitled “Yellow Tights” (10 mins) which was instigated to explore the theme of time and action. During my research and initial investigations further elements were introduced; that of the implications of colour on our emotions, repeated actions within a specific time frame. Utilising the subconscious process of absorption of information;

the film follows the association of the colour yellow. The start point was a single yellow line, and when later coming across the same bright colour tights in a shopping centre, this association then sparks actions within a given time frame.




Level 1, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths

will be showing whale work, something new to me and my practice. been thinking a lot about the hugeness of whales. Imaginary spaces? which led onto moby dick, which i still havnt finished but having several conversations with random people i’ve been learning little facts and

information on whaling and what it meant for america. the more i talk and read into it everything seems to get bigger and more important. for example for me, the thought of a whale is massive, the thought of catching

a whale is even bigger! and how on earth whalers did it back in 1900’s on little wooden boats (probably not little but they are in my mind) i have no idea. even whale sick is huge! also been thinking about unicorns, was only a couple of weeks ago till i found out they didnt exist, apparently. but i think they did, as theres rhinos and weird antler shapes on deers, and even narwhales! a whale with a unicorn on its head! other than that, been thinking about the growth of materials and ideas and thoughts and the building up, or accumulation of something huge.



Final Year BA, Sir John Cass, London Met


The work looks at the things that are naughty, bad and over the top. By pushing the boundaries of what is considered acceptable and delving into the human conception of shame and our response to situations and images that require tolerance. In doing so I push my own ideas of what is acceptable only then can I question the true tolerance of others? By this exploration I want to test, and tease, both the audience and myself to face up to our inner shame.


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