Crit 62 @ Shape Gallery, 26 March 2015

Crit 59 @ Shape Gallery

Thursday 26 March 2015 6.30pm

Shape Gallery

Westfield Stratford City

155 The Street


E20 1EN


This crit takes place in partnership with Shape Arts and is BSL (British Sign Language) supported.


Watch a video of Q-Art Crit 59 @ Shape Gallery here


Amy-Louise Nettleton (MA)

Professional freelance artist and arts education profesional

Statement about your practice

Amy Louise Nettleton’s instinctive understanding of process, surface and minimalism results in beautifully crafted two and three-dimensional works, which explore often challenging themes surrounding the failure of the human condition. These recurring themes of fragility, the ephemeral, life/death and potential, attempt to confront the viewer in the subtlest of ways.
She works on the edge of a complex interplay between aesthetic, materiality and concept. Her titles develop as a process during her research and often are decided on before the initial idea is fully conceived.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

I hope to start a discussion on the role that disability plays within my own practice. The fact I never define myself as a disabled artist or even disclose I have a physical disability for the majority of exhibitions I am invited to take part in. I want to know if my work needs me as an artist to be understood or if it stands alone and doesn’t read as “work obviously made by a disabled person” – which is what I hope it does. I suppose I will be a bit controversial and say that I don’t believe in the term ‘disabled artist’ – although I use my life experiences to make my work, just like any able bodied artist would.
Tony Fisher

Self employed artist photographer 60
Arts council funded

Statement about your practice

Seeking to express emotional responses to the every day.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

Anything constructive!

Linda Cunningham

MA Wimbledon School of Art 2001. BA Middlesex 1986-89

Self employed artist / art teacher

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

I would like constructive feedback on how the audience read my work .My work is very different to the work I made when I was last exhibiting some years ago. I have been working mostly in isolation and this is a first step to venturing out again!


Fred Vernon

BA Fine Art Hons, Graduated 2012


Statement about your practice

My practice is driven by immediacy. Concepts are often formed by initially by working intuitively and based in process. After reflection rudimentary ideas are established and then refined. Materials are chosen for their availability in the initial part of the working process and are often what is considered low in value, waste or excess. Later works can contain material considered to be luxurious such as gold leaf.

Being an artist working across mediums allows me to adopt the appropriate method of demonstration when it comes to bringing these ideas into stasis for exhibition, in other words making what I want, and showing people. To me these are generally relics of a primary thought processes and system of actions…#prettythings!

Themes often centre on satire and revealing an observed absurdity in things that appear nonsensical often questioning authority and schools of thought. This is not always apparent in final outcomes.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

An audience, with opinions, to give feedback on my general process, rather than a specific piece of work or series. I will be talking about my time post graduation and seeking an external understanding of what it is that I have been doing following intstitutionalisation.







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