Crit 37 @ University of Westminster, 3 June 2013

Monday 3rd June 2013, 6.00 – 8.30pm.

Fyvie Hall
University of Westminster
309 Regent Street
London W1B 2UW

Open to all. Please RSVP to [email protected] to let us know if you are coming and report to reception on arrival.


Paula Smolarska
Graduate, University of East London


Statement about your practice :

Abstract objects relating to the idea of malleability and softness are at the heart of Paula Smolarska’s practice.

Smolarska’s work is the result of a process-driven exploration focused on the physical pliability of materials such as latex, rubber and vinyl and is either a direct bi-product of a performance with material, or a constructed sculpture that suggests movement and a possibility for repositioning.

Smolarska shows confidence in her use of colour, with a dominance of strong bold hues taken from various everyday sources such as sports clothing, make-up books or hospital corridors.


Anna Von Holstein
Graduate, City& Guilds


Statement about your practice:

My work centres around the procedures of painting, specifically the workings of the palette.  The palette is an object whose function is entirely exterior to itself and at the same time contained totally within itself. The palette is an aid to a painting and the means to an end, but once broken down into different colours and marks, each one contains its own purpose- to achieve a particular tone, texture or amount of paint.

The palette is both functional and integral to my work, somehow masquerading as both source material and product. These works are products of themselves, created out of their own matter. By painting paint, matter and process become my subject.


Xiao-yang Li
Graduate, Chelsea, MFA.

Statement about your practice:

My works are an attempt to understand the mythical and the unknown and their relationship with paint itself, and to explore ways of using colour and form to convey a sense of the magical. Central to my concern is the moment in which the figure (be it human form or animal form) is transformed into a subject of the mythical through the very medium of paint, in this process I examine the nature of myth and strive to invent a new myth.


Rosa and Helen
University Of Westminster

Statement about your practice :

The piece of work we are bringing to Q-art is a recent collaborative piece. It came together very quickly and instinctually and we hope it allows for a wider conversation.

We believe the piece exists both as an artwork and as an initiator for a discussion.

In some ways we are explicitly providing a topic for the conversation that will take place in the time space we are allocated. We are also posing the question as to what it means for an art-work to be overtly self reflexive and what happens if elements of the artwork counter acts itself?
Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:



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