Workshop: Introducing The Crit Into the Curriculum – For Secondary School Staff

These workshops are demonstrate ways that secondary school art teachers might introduce the crit and methods of talking about art to their students.  To date they have been run in partnership with museum and gallery education departments but can also be run independently.

Participant Feedback

“I learned approaches to running a crit and the importance of validat- ing all suggestions and offerings that students might give. Thank you for doing this workshop. Feeling inspired again!”

“I learned how to structure a crit from the ground up. I feel a whole lot more confident now in being able to support students discovery of their own work and the work of others.”

“The workshop provided a mimi-cable approach to ‘crit’; with lots of well modelled approaches. It will help me to improve discussions and dialogue between students about art.”

“The session has prompted me to organ- ise a trip to a gallery space for the students, as modelling the crit there would be incredibly useful – I’m going to do it despite off-putting paper work!”

“It was good to be put in the place of the students shoes. It reminded me that you take away from the students knowledge/experience when you don’t have them communicating verbally.”


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