Q-Art Crit 71 @ Mall Galleries 9 Jan 2019 3-6pm

Mall Galleries, The Mall, London, SW1

Q-Art is collaborating with Mall Galleries’ FBA Futures to facilitate a crit that brings together FBA Futures Artists with other student and graduate artists. You are invited to come and take part in the discussion.

There are two opportunities to present work at this event. If you would like to present work for feedback from the attending audience please email [email protected]

For tips on getting the most out of a crit, take a look at Q-Art’s pocket guide or commissioned artist’s video Art Crits: 20 Questions

Free, Q-Art welcome donations on the door

Booking via Eventbrite

Q-Art Crit UAL Holborn

This crit at UAL in Holborn saw four presenters bringing drawing, painting, sculpture and video.  Carianne Annan, a student at CSM, showed a video concerned with a ‘secret language’ of hairdressers. Viewers commented on the rhythm and choreography of the piece and the confessional nature of the client/ hairdresser relationship. MA Graduate Mel Cole showed her unsettling drawings and collages which brought in themes around the macabre and the uncanny and self-taught artist and curator Sara Bellon talked about abstract painting as a series of signs which could be interpreted by the individual, and how her four paintings worked together. Sheila Buckley describes herself as a disillusioned MA Fine Art dropout, and with her sculpture raised questions around authorship and references in art which only other artists can understand. The discussion also turned to humour in the work, and the perfomative act of the viewer following the trail of text.


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