Crit#8, @Royal College of Art, 30 November 2009

November 30th 2009, The Painting Building, Royal College of Art



3rd Year BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths

Title: Octuplets 2008-2009

Materials: Metal, glass, wiring, semen

Description: 8 small baby food jars filled with human semen from various male donors kept frozen in a small ice cream display freezer

and titled after the “Octuplets” :Chris Woltman, Anonymous, Anonymous, Alex Fear, George Ellis, Loren Fink, Louis Rodriguez,

Steven Rau. To me, this work is about action and the future. To many others it may be about many other things…




MA Photography, RCA

The body and its unorthodox actions act as a vent to release understandings and happenings within the world seeking to ask for one to examine our cultural identity, that is whatever enables us to survive morally and physically. Through the use of performance, installation, video and photography I externalise internal thoughts through the use of the body and its behaviour.

The use of repetition throughout my work is a way of undoing the flow of time. It compels one to readdress what has gone before, but also through its reiteration, approach it in its constant presence.



Graduate, MPhil History of Philosophy, Cambridge University

I make work on the subject of adolescent memory and its relationship to the material present. I link artefacts of remembered teenage

moments, and attempt to record the wake of their transition between then and now. The grand themes of teen-angst — lust, family, shame

and frustration — emerge as an unavoidable by-product.




1st Year BA Fine Art, Slade School of Art

The video pieces I will be showing are my first excursion onto this medium. I am interested in the transformation of the real into the artificial as the basis for re-enactment and how the camera consolidates this process.



MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design

Georg Simmel says ‘ The characteristic experience of modern city is living among strangers who remain strangers’ Human interactions and inter-relations have been the main concerns of my art practice. I have been studying the status of the individual in an urban city context and the effect that the landscape, architecture and culture of the Metropolis has on social relationships. The rapid rhythm, the close proximity with other constantly mobile individuals, the sensory overload of noise and images lead to increasingly isolated and insulated humans.



MA Film Theory

The Owl’s Forecast.

My work remains concerned with excavating issues brought up by late Modernism and Minimalism, specifically to do with the inherent agency involved with materials and the extent to which material objects extend into the non-physical realm – structural bodies with social or even mythological ramifications. More recently, my work has sought to deal with whether an encounter with materials might come to operate like an act of remembrance, and if so, whether such material structures could come to resemble a “model for a psychological state glimpsed within their strange geometry.” – J. G.



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