Crit#33, @ Central Saint Martins, 30 January 2013

Wednesday 30 January 2013, 6.30 – 9pm
Central Saint Martins School of Art and Design
Granary Building, 1 Granary Square, King’s Cross
London, N1C 4AA

(Meet at Lethaby Gallery)



 Krishen Kanadia
 Graduare, MA Art and Design in Education, Institute of Education.
[email protected]

Capture a moment. Try to access something True. Out of my control.

I am interested in relinquishing control and welcoming indeterminacy during the process of making. In the works presented, there has been a degree of disengagement with preconceived form, which I aim to increase.

My choice of material was initially rooted in an appreciation of its formal and sensory properties, over its ability to imbue meaning.

A new large-scale installation work, which I am currently developing, will further explore ideas of restraint and freedom.


Kate Murdoch

Kate Murdoch is a self-taught artist whose work is primarily autobiographical. At the heart of it is her personal journey through a lifelong collection of assorted fragments and paraphernalia drawn from her own life and from the lives of others. Kate’s practice is a process of selecting, reshaping and placing the found objects she works with in order to reinterpret them and give them a new significance.

Kate uses this raw material to tease out and present her memories of childhood, family and everyday life, conscious of the distorted effect that time can have on real, authentic memory. She is fascinated by the objects we surround ourselves with, from the mundane to the meaningful. Steeped in social and political history, they are a part of our identity, providing us with a sense of self and revealing our connections to the wider world.

Some help with a particular piece of work which I keep returning to, packing away, only to return to again. I currently feel compelled to work on it but am uncertain about it – need advice on how best to move it forward aesthetically – if indeed, this is something that’s possible!



Cadi Froehlich
Camberwell and Chelsea, MA Fine Art, Year 2.

In my work I am concerned with the physicality of communication between people, materials and objects. In particular I investigate the hidden infrastructure and events which all go into how we interact. I manipulate salvaged copper in various incarnations to visualise these interactions. I see my work as interventions in the life-cycle of copper, with a broader reference to the natural world and our legacy within it.


Daniel McClennan

My practice is an exploration concerning encounters with a traumatic and ungraspable ‘Real’ which resists representation and denies mastery. I tend to work with sound and video installation in an attempt to create an over-proximity, an amplification of the tension between the traumatic spectacle and the discomfiting and displaced knowledge which often accompanies such spectacles. My work addresses and encourages the ruptures, fractures and slippage that affords us a brief connection to that which is behind the ‘screen’ of representation.

I will be testing new material for an upcoming solo show, it’s at a fairly early stage so on a basic level I’m interested to see how the image and sound will cohere, and how the material and aesthetic work together too. There are also some difficult issues raised by my choice of material and would like a discussion about the motivations of individuals who choose to become involved in online forums dedicated to suicide. I’d like to talk about being disconnected and perhaps about trying to reconnect to the world.


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