Crit#32, @ Cass Art Islington, 21 January 2013.

Monday 21st January 7.30-9.30pm.
The Cass Art Store
66-67 Colebrooke Row
N1 8AB



AnnaMaria Kardos
Graduate, 2008 BA (Hons) Fine Art CSM

By investigating educational, corporate and public settings, AnnaMaria critically engages with issues rooted in the institutional context. Working across media and functional spaces her site-related interventions and performative sculptures come inseparably with a layer of humour. By looking beyond the veneer of how we manouver AnnaMaria references behaviour, routines and decision making. She is an international London based artist.

In relation to my practice and institutional context: feed back on performative aspects of my work and next steps, on challenges of presentation of work in relation to gallery (white space) and non-gallery space (i.e. functional areas).


Sarah West

I systematically scavenge images within magazines; reacting to chance shots of unpredictable subject and composition. I select and depict these, which culminate in work subtly conveying ruinous contemporary anxieties and vanities, frequently drawing upon references from art history.

I make a traditional recipe of handmade gesso choosing, when appropriate, to add pigmented colours as seen in ‘Weights’. Whilst preparing the gesso surface, I fanatically sand for a smooth yet inevitably flawed surface that, when inspected close up, reveals the intricacies and incidental qualities of the material. A combination of painting techniques and materials are exploited, mixing tightly worked areas with violent marks to enhance and heighten the images’ qualities.


Emily Lazerwitz
2nd year, Columbia University (currently on exchange at Goldsmiths College)

To some my practice might seem a bit erratic; I mostly paint and draw but I also sculpt, print, and record. I am in school, so I am still in the process of figuring out exactly what I want to communicate with through my work and more importantly what I want to do. As of right now, I am just following every 3 am whim I have for a project in hopes that some will turn out well.


Désirée Ickerodt
University of East London, 4th out of 5 years part-time for BA in Fine Art

I take my inspiration from the Indian philosophy of Advaita (‘non-duality’), Theosophy and phenomenology. In my work I am exploring the structural elements of reality, whether manifest or unmanifest, whether perceivable or elusive, whether ordered or free-flowing. Even though my work is conceptual, it questions the very idea of any ‘concepts’, as concepts might merely be based on perceptions. In reality there are many levels of looking at something but often we only see the most obvious physical level. Currently I work with Perspex and fibre-optic cable. By making my artwork transparent, the interior space becomes visible. I want to show the dichotomy between the inherent chaotic nature of reality and the human attempt to bring structure to chaos, to make sense out of senselessness.


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