Crit#23, @ Cass Art Islington, 23 January 2012

Presenting artists:

Myka Baum
Graduate, PGCert in Photography, Central Saint Martins [email protected]
I work predominantly in photography and investigate its ephemeral nature in relation to the environment. At the heart of my practice lies a fascination with cycles of transformation and an attempt to encapsulate natural phenomena through abstract processes.
I have recently begun to explore more experimental ways of exhibiting my work, moving away from the traditional framed photographic print. The presentation of the image is becoming more and more integral to my work and is beginning to form an extension of my photographic practice and a continuum of the image itself.
I am particularly interested in discussing materials and formats of presentation.

Jackie Castellano
Graduate, BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts
MA Photography, London College of Communication, University of the Arts
The relationship between Abstraction and Surrealism, and the phenomena of light are central strands to my practice.
It is the bringing together of these strands – abstraction, surrealism, the experience of light and space, through the medium of video that led to my engagement with analogue processes and digital technologies. I am greatly interested in what emerges from the synthesis between organic materials / found objects and light; in the materiality of substances and what arises when these phenomena are filtered through the mediation of digital technology. I am fascinated by, what are considered as ‘flaws’, those defects that are inherent in both organic substances and man made materials. The same fascination is extended to the quirks of digital media such as distortion, and compressions of the focal plane that often render images two dimensional.

Joshua Howell
3rd year, Critical Fine Art Practice, Brighton University
A new sculptural work by the artist Joshua T Howell; ‘Like, Something to do with the Large Hadron Collider yeah?!’. A stock recording of a group of men laughing plays through a horn speaker directly towards a ‘joke’ on wood ratchet strapped to a pile of art, on some wood.
The piece sort of kind of maybe like explores autonomy and tries to push the idea of inclusion/exclusion of an audience. By creating a work that is self gratifying (the artwork laughs at it’s own joke) the work perhaps asks where an audience stands in relation to the work. With it’s own set of seemingly oblique half references the piece seeks to make an audience decide on a position, the in crowd or the out, those who ‘get it’ or those who don’t.

Sophie Nathan
Graduate, BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths [email protected]
The ongoing project Lucky Me, concentrates on notions of expectations, success, and agency and looks at the life of an alternate Sophie Nathan, the “lucky” Sophie Nathan who has achieved everything she has ever wanted. The video I intend to show, illustrates the start of this project and hopes to give a sense of the work, and where I hope to take it. Recorded using lo-tech devises, ensuring instant access to an alternate reality, Lucky Me allows me to play through possibilities that exist elsewhere, and test my own expectations, hopes and desires for them. Lucky Me will eventually include real/false performative elements mixed with text, photography and sculptural object to re/create an alternate biography.


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