Crit#21, @Camberwell College of Art, 9 November 2011

Presenting artists:

Nicola Guy
Year 3, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths

I am interested in our relationship to architecture and for the convenor will be showing a series of photographs taken in The Whispering Gallery at St Paul’s Cathedral, my current research site.

Alex Culshaw
Year 3, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths
Recently my work has been generated from material I have collected in Baku, Azerbaijan. I will show video work and a print. The video work features everyday imagery and scenes from a balcony in Baku. The print includes a photograph of one of the world’s largest flags
and text to accompany.

Giles Bunch
Graduate, BA, Middlesex University
‘This Shampoo’ is a performance and video which looks at the bizarre language used in hair
product advertising.
Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.
My hair used to be a joke, dry, split ends…
The piece focusses on elements surrounding the politics of hair and how product advertising
and pop culture imagery inform ideas of what constitutes desirable hair.
Shiny, glossy and manageable. Just the way I like it.
Here it comes, the science of looking good…
Historical instances are placed alongside current imagery, language is interrogated, and we
are soon prompted to ask – who is Cement Ceramide?

Fiona Flynn
BA Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art (Part Time course – final year deferred )
A work in progress that continues from a collaborative project, considering Foucault’s notion of heterotopic space. Having had to defer from Chelsea, Q Art is a forum for me to share ideas, and make the most of any discussion and feedback. I’ll present a few slides showing recent work and starting points for future possible projects.

Joe Tymkow
Graduate, BA, University of West England, Bristol
I am primarily interested in the process of painting, and the interaction that occurs between differing mediums as they are applied to the canvas, either alternately or in combination.
The methods of production that evolve in my work are direct responses to the physical, tactile and visual feedback that I receive while the work is still wet and alive.
By mixing studio mediums with household and industrial materials I encourage chemical reactions to occur, which alter the predictable quality and behaviour of individual mediums and result in ‘abstracts by default’. My practice can be summed up as one which constitutes ‘watching paint dry’.


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