Crit#19, @Chelsea College of Art, 23 May 2011

Presenting artists:


Final Year MA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins

In the ongoing project ‘It is not to see’; I explore elements of desire and transgression by photographing sites where strangers meet in order to have sex. I am interested in the idea that such places exist in order to break taboos, but end up solidifying the very line they cross.


Graduate, BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths

Working sculpturally, I manipulate materials, transforming the fluid qualities of textiles to the rigid and unforgiving textures of urban surfaces.

‘Untitled’ (2011) comprises a series of objects, in which vascular organ-like structures appear to have morphed from or fused with sections of old rusty piping. A gradual evolution from the cold industrial qualities of the iron pipes to the fleshy folds of soft wax, suggests a process of transmutation where the biological is no longer distinguishable from the man-made.


MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art

‘Greeting the Sun’, is the title of this series of my practice and research. As an Iranian artist I attempt to demonstrate gender identity in Islamic society. In my work I examine the way in which women are struggling in relation to tradition and modernity. Society (public) and self (private) feature prominently.

The veil and particularly the metaphorical aspect of veiling are of particular concern to me.


Final Year, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths

Looking at fleeting gestures and spatial relationships the film documents the installation of an exhibition. With a natural tendency to seek purpose and regularity, the process becomes performative and builds a series of motifs and rhythms using the aesthetic language of image making.


BA Fine Art (Time Based Media), Wimbledon School of Art

This is a video that outlines the peculiar isolation generated by media constructs. It attempts to lay bare established rules of news and documentary footage in order to provoke thought and debate around how the media leads us, and the ways in which we follow.


Graduate, BA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art

I am concerned with the intimate relationship between the viewer and the painted object. I use materials and imagery that find their roots in a mixture of heightened symbolism and tangible reality. I relish and play with the physical presence of my subject matter, and of the paintings themselves. By these means I seek to question cultural preferences, religious narratives and the nature of desire.


Graduate, BA Fine Art Sculpture, Wimbledon College of Art

My work explores notions of space and site-specificity, paying homage to 60s and 70s minimalism My current practice explores architectural space and how interventions such as light, lines and free standing objects can allow the viewer to re-evaluate the space they have entered as well as their own presence in the environment.


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