Crit#17, @Cass School of Art, 9 February 2011

Presenting artists:


Year 3, BA Fine Art, Sir John Cass School of Art

On one level my practice borrows from the long tradition of Lake District landscape painters (such as EH Thompson, Alfred Pettitt, W Heaton Cooper and even Constable and Turner). But I hope also to pose questions about perception of place. By offering additional information in text form I aim to disrupt the initial interpretation (perhaps a bit like a film with the ‘wrong’ music) so that the viewer re-considers his/her initial perception in the light of this second layer.


MA Fine Art, Chelsea College of Art

‘The recent work explores contamination of disparate aesthetics/languages of sculpture and modernist architecture, shifting patterns of meaning and potential for narrative in the construction and deconstruction of found, man-made and natural objects through sculptural assemblage. The method of creating the piece is based on intuitive process of assembling mundane/recycled material in order to construct the NEW ORDER, (deeply rooted in feminist discourses operating on a purely linguistic reinterpretation of Symbolic)…’


MA Fine Art Chelsea College of Arts

“How to sew a button”

A humorous tutorial for the young man living on his own. A performance about cultural differences, gender roles, and power tools.



Graduate, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths



MFA Sculpture, Slade School of Art

I will be presenting plaster casts of destroyed seating in two identical chairs with a narrative that follows the destructive act.



Graduate, BA Fine Art, Middlesex University

I’ll be presenting selection of recent portrait paintings, part of a current series of quickly painted portraits from life. I’m interested in documenting and presenting the human relationship between the sitter and the artist and in looking at the relevance of the portrait in the world today and in contemporary art.



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