Crit#15,@Central Saint Martins, 3 November 2010

Presenting artists:



Graduate, BA Art Practice 2010, Goldsmiths College

During the onvenor I will show the video of the performance work produced during my trip to St Petersburg. I hope to discuss the ideas about nude performance in relation to the notion of equality, hope to get to the question: who is the viewer and what is about the spectators and artist’s difference. Some notions avant-garde practice.

My work is can shortly be described as an ideological practice concerned with national gender metaphors and today’s Russian politics and post-communist condition.


Work: Alina (Pure art), Post-Alina Performance (with Andrei Rasskazov and Pasha Sheya Kid)



Iulia Filipovscaia


Graduate, MA Image and Communication, Goldsmiths, 2009

Graduate BA Fine Art Central Saint Martins, 2007


Come Meet The Strangers is the aftermath installation of the ‘O’ Project performance, which took place at Testing Ground: Live at 176, January 2010.

Influenced by Jean Baudrillard’s writings, the ‘O’ Project objectified participants through the means of silence. The performance aimed to reveal individual truth but instead brought up notions of unattainability and the infinite. Come Meet The Strangers presents the journey of participants, which were exposed to the gaze of the artist and the camera eye.

Through photography I create relationships with performance, painting and sculpture in an attempt to investigate the nature of photography within a contemporary context and deal with the conceptual marriage of performance/photography.





Graduate, BA Fine Art, Middlesex University 2010


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BA (Hons) Fine Art and Critical Theory, Middlesex University, Year 3 (Final Year)

My current artistic practice is concerned with the relationship between Man and the Natural World. Within this subject I have also addressed the question of the Animal, and our fascination with other species. My attention has particularly become focused upon how we attempt to render the Natural World intelligible by employing (human) systems of information processing and categorisation.




BA Art Practice, Year 3, Goldsmiths College


I am currently at a stage of experimentation. My medium is painting and my current subject is landscape. I am primarily concerned with finding ways of destabilisng the landscape whilst embracing the traditional usages of paint – in particular I am interested in the way the brush mark can be used to lead the eye and at the same time confound it, and how the manifestation of void (through excess/lack of paint, composition etc.) within the landscape can do the same thing. I am also interested in the growing influence of the mystical, arcane, enchanted and its place within contemporary contexts.




Graduate, BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths 2007


I make paintings – minimal gestures suggesting imagined objects. They are an invitation to interpret marks on a surface, familiar but maybe not.

I have recently moved towards more explicitly domestic subjects within my work, taking something as banal as the edge of a tabletop and using that as an imagined subject. This has moved into a study of still life and the composition of painting. Working from drawings made in front of other people’s paintings, as well as from life. I’m often stripping down grand still lives, using my drawings with their miss-marks to add to the question of what is important. Describing something in its simplest terms – as if I am making descriptions of things that could become confused, or cluttered if I were to take them any further.



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