Crit#11, @ Slade School of Fine Art, 29 April 2010.

Thursday April 29th, 1.30-5pm, Woburn Research Centre, Slade School of Fine Art



Year 2, BA Art Practice, Goldsmiths


I find inspiration for my work in those little moments and gestures of life; of feeling scared, tired, angry, confused, anxious, elated, and recently have started to explore the nature of the spaces in which they occur; are they of grandness, of minuteness, hidden or exposed, fluid or rigid, how such gestures might live in, occupy and encounter these spaces. I am also interested in the use of titles for my pieces and how they juxtapose or enhance the reading, context and effect of the work, and how they become part of the work itself.

Work featured: ‘Blush (2009)’




BA Art Practice, Part Time, Chelsea College of Art


Fiona and Sasha are interested in the physical and visual possibilities that materials and processes might offer in their work.

Sasha and Fiona are planning a road trip project across Europe, following ancient and modern trade routes on commercial trucks and lorries.

While in residence at the Polymer, the artists spent a week working in the typesetting studio on a jointly-authored project with the resident print master Ludja. They created conceptual posters using the discipline and restrictions of the medium to consider the possibilities of new visual ideas within a contemporary art practice.



Self-taught/ Recently under mentorship of painter Justin Ogilvie in Canada


My artworks are informed by my belief that the personality of the artist cannot be separated from the work itself. My work stems from my own traumatic experience: ten years ago I had a near-fatal accident. I try and understand life by examining its dark side: death, trauma and disability. I am obsessed with the “grotesque” that pushes me to want to reveal how beauty manifests in the most unlikely places.



Goldsmiths MA and Camberwell Graduate, upcoming residency New York, School of Visual Arts.


My work is located at the crossroads of drawing, photography and installation.A central concern of mine is the concept of the in-between space. By activating marginal objects, materials, sites and signs, my work animates the interstitial as an alternative language to dominant discourses. Much of my work is site-specific or created in response to certain spaces. In doing so it wishes to reveal the hierarchies inscribed in space and some of the mechanisms at work in the construction of space.




a-n The Artists Information Company, Degrees unedited

Richard Taylor is an artist who started using the ‘unedited’ features on Artists talking shortly after graduating in 2007. In March 2009 he was invited to be online editor for Degrees unedited therein disseminating his self-taught experience and affiliation with virtual exposure.





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