Crit 68 @ Shape Arts, 1 Feb 2017

Crit 68 @ Shape Arts

Wednesday 1 February, 2017



The Ecology Pavilion

Mile End Park

125 Grove Road

E3 5RP


This crit takes place in partnership with Shape Arts and is BSL (British Sign Language) supported.


Watch a video of Q-Art Crit 59 @ Shape Gallery here


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Olya Osipova

Illustration, Arts University Bournemouth


I work with watercolours, ink and water soluble crayons media. I love the fluidity and spontaneity of it and the fact that you are challenged to make your decisions promptly when painting.

City landscapes and people is the central subject-matter of my work. I grew up in a big city and now enjoying living in London. I am inspired by its cultural diversity, architecture, people, fashion, exhibitions and even the weather!

I draw from observation and photographs and also keep a diary with me to write down notes about the location, overheard conversations and anything that captures my attention at that moment.

Besides Visual Arts my interests lie in Literature, European History, Intercultural Communications, Linguistics, Sociology, particularly in studies on human interactions and identities in metropolitan areas.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

Any feedback is very welcome. I am interested to know what kind of emotions and thoughts my images provoke and where people see it ‘being applied’ and developed further in to.


Joanna Boxall


My practice is sometimes really small (just me) and sometimes its much bigger (me and others) and is usually about the “Hierarchy of Materials” to quote Robert Rauschenberg.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

I would like the participants feedback about my piece DoubleAjency from last year.





Spiritual Stained glass sculptures and abstract paintings, recently discover that I am just an illustrator of books, so I need to move on or not?!

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

Who am I an Artist or a maker/ what should my next step be, I am looking for some kind of push


Skye Shadowlight


BA Fine Art, Final Year, Leeds Beckett University


I make work from the heart. Work that moves me, I am looking for connections to the world and to others, something that as a child with a poor social background I never found in my young life. I use art is a communication tool. I am a modern day story teller and I use installation, performance, writing and sometimes music to tell my stories, our stories. Stories or triumph and of pain. The things that happen to all of us and how we can overcome them. To shine a light on things that I feel are wrong but also the struggles and hope that we all have for something better, something more.
I grew up in Texas, the home of the “American Dream” and I saw that dream and it was more like a nightmare. I was born an artist. I am.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

There are other elements of my piece “SHADE SCHOOL” which are not installed in the Shape Open. I would like to talk about if I should keep the piece as it sits, or continue to make performance or include the video installation with the piece in future.

Justin Piccirilli


Instagram: misconceptualartist

In the last 2 years as a consequence of a life changing accident, I decided to start making works of art again. This was to help me with my rehabilitation and re-engage with my first true passion from childhood. This is my therapy and hopefully my new career path.

My art is created by developing my ideas which reflect my thoughts and feelings that I want to express to the viewer. These are my commentaries on how I perceive the world inside out within a personal, social, political and cultural context.

I refine these ideas by translating them into a visual language, whether it is a lino print or a sculpture in this case.

I choose my medium depending on the message and visual outcome that I strive to portray. This comes with experimentation of different media, styles and techniques as well as the visual qualities that their relationship bring forth.


I am seeking to learn from this opportunity as I feel I would like to gain experience of being asked questions about my work in front of an audience environment. My only previous experience of this was at art college.



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