Crit 69 @ Mall Galleries, 17th May 2017

Crit 69 @ Mall Galleries

Wednesday 17 May, 2017


The Mall, London SW1


This crit brings together student, graduate and self-taught artists from across London.


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Dovile Antusaite Sostakas

Coming from a science background, it has heavily influenced my creative work. As an artist, I am very subject-orientated. I restrict myself to a very few motifs that I manipulate and analyze. However on contrary, I saturate my works with hidden symbols and allusions.  In that way, I aim to represent the complex interrelationship between my imagination, reality and its interpretation, so to heighten the tension between the simplicity of forms and the complexity of ideas behind them. In most of my paintings I use gold leaf. I believe this technique makes my work alive and interactive. In order to stimulate this ‘liveliness’ of the images, the viewer has to become active before my painting and to alter his/her position in front of the canvas. I want to create an inescapable sensory perception for the viewer, when the painting initiates a dialogic and supernatural relationship.

I am seeking feedback for my artistic development. I am looking for any advice related to my work.


James Forward


I paint fast, normally working on a number of versions of the same painting at the same time.  The paint is applied thin, and slips, drags and twists across a smooth painting ground. I aim for the simplicity of the mark making to reveal the method of creation.  Some works can take just moments to make, but there will be many failed works that are erased or discarded.

The paintings are abstract but there is normally an image that fuels the work: windows, holes, the Moon, night skies, tree foliage, overgrowth.  Appropriation of other painters’ work has also been an important starting point for works.

The work that I am bringing to Q-Art will be a mix of completed works, studies and works in progress.

I’m looking for the opportunity to verbalise my work in front of an audience, and get feedback from the crit participants so that I can better understand my practice.


Julia Noble


The concept of materiality always played an important role in my work.  Materiality in the legal sense means “that which is important or which is not merely of form but of substance”.  This is a concept that also forms the basis of my artistic practice.  It is also important in that materiality engages the senses of the viewer, evoking the aesthetic experience through the physical components providing a response that is unique to each individual.

I am interested in a continued exploration of the tradition of abstract painting but through the use of materials in an unconventional way: using the properties that are inherent in the materials but also seeking to challenge them by experimenting and pushing materials to their limits.  The choice of materials and the processes that are used are of substance and ultimately determine the form of the work and their compositional integrity.

I am interested in their reaction to the work to help decide what aspects of the work to pursue


Aisling Keavey


Aisling Keavey’s current practice fuses the traditional with the contemporary and is concerned with issues of personal and conflict history, the Irish Diaspora, displacement, post-colonialism and subversions of historical narrative.
These themes are manifested through intensive research and investigative image-based works that aim to inform the audience. By using photography and celluloid film, Keavey is preoccupied with the materiality of the image, the process through which the image is made, and informing and subverting the audience’s perception of a work. This approach considers how the physical process of the mechanical focusing of a lens and the act of making a physical image through darkroom practice is used as a metaphor to relate to political history and also as a method of research and practice.

Feedback sought on research references, further reading, image editing, sequencing advice and if I need to make more images or if this collection of images is a complete project.


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