Crit 63 @ Cass School of Art, 20 April 2015

Open Crit @ Cass School of Art
Monday 20 April 2015


Central House
The Cass,
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
London E1 7PF

This crit brings together student, graduate and self-taught artists from across London.

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Julia Norris

Wimbledon College of Art

MFA Fine Art

2nd year

Student/ Gallery Events Assistant

Statement about your practice

Julia Norris suspects that the kids are on to something. As a child she remembers stories fueling play. Play was a method of synthesizing her personal experience with historical and fictional narratives, facilitated by physical materials and gestures. It was a way of digesting complex concepts; tactile learning. But this also created a slippage between the actual and the imagined. Her artistic practice is informed by this fragile relationship between fiction, reality, and play (or the process of making).

Julia investigates contemporary fiction and historical narrative by producing audio and installation work. Paper silhouettes, objects, and aural clues suggest an outline of character, time, or place. How is the audience invited in, and at what point do they start to wonder, “Can the narrator be trusted?”

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit

How do the book and the verbal component interact? How might they be improved? How might the experience be made immersive? Should they be shown separately, together, or should one or both be buried in a deep dark hole and never spoken of again?


James Tailor

Central St Martins

MA Fine Art Year 1

Statement about your practice

‘James Tailor considers his practice to be that of a painter – his work, which sits somewhere between sculpture and painting – is anchored firmly within the history of painting and he considers everything he creates using paint to be a painting. After four years experimenting with the perception of painting Tailor’s body of work is unique. Items such as shop front awnings, rubber band balls and even the Venus de Milo all take on new meaning when approached by a painter who rarely uses a brush to do more than remove paint from its container. By moving away from or restructuring the prototypical elements of painting such as canvas and a stretcher, Tailor creates works that are both visually and intellectually stimulating.

During his time at University James was commissioned by Def Jam records to crete, alongside Nick Knight, works that featured on a music video, and also founded Platform Six. The first Platform Six exhibition brought together both established and unestablished artists for 10 days and culminated in a charity auction which was sponsored by adidas. The event’s patrons included Sir Elton John, The Chapman Brothers and Kate Moss to name just a few. Since finishing his undergraduate degree last year James Tailor has been featured in the Threadneedle Prize Exhibition, The Affordable Art Fair, 10 x 10 Charity Auction, Something About Magazine and the 2015 Catlin Guide. Tailor is certainly prolific and definitely one to watch over the next few years. He is currently studying for his Masters Degree at Central Saint Martins.’

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit

Does my bum look big in this?


Yan Zheng

London College of Fashion

MA Fashion Futures, Graduated Jan 2015

Freelance designer, Fashion tech analyst

Statement about your practice

The project uses self-tracked data to inform fashion design process. It questions individual identity under the social norm on well-being, promotes self-empowerment by self-tracking and suggests design to be a creative communicator.

My data from Gross National Happiness(GNH) SURVEY result has been manifested into a dummy with different measurements which embodies the individual struggle when having to conform to social norm for validation as well as questions the stereotyped body shape in the fashion design process.

Patterns found from self emotion tracking has been employed to inform colour and motif in designing the garments in this project. Both the self-tracking activity and the outcome are a journey of self-awareness.

Unlike data-visualisation, the project creates narrative in 3D real life objects that interact with the body.  The project showed also the potential of fashion thinking to design interactive experience for well-being.
Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit

Whether self-tracking, self-study is an effective way to build emotional resilience;

Whether designed tracking experience and creative outcome could assist behavior change;

The role of fashion, can it be a communicating power to engage people into positive social change?




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