Crit 55 @ Camberwell College of Arts, 12 November 2014

Crit 55  @ Camberwell College of Arts


Wednesday 12 November 2014

Q-Art Crit 2-4.30pm


Camberwell College of Arts

45- 65 Peckham Road




This crit brings together student, graduate and self-taught artists from across London.

Please rsvp to [email protected] if you’d like to attend or present work at this event. We hope you can join us!


Presenter’s Details

Robin Rutherford


Forms in motion, bicycles, clouds, dogs, fire, in fact everything that refuses to pose or even stay still long enough to form an opinion let alone capture an image are my fascination. To capture a moment in time is every artist’s goal but to catch the emotion behind that moment, then convey it via the canvas so that the viewer experiences the same emotion is, in my view, sublime

The landscape flashes by and remains within our memory forever, developing an inner life of its own.

I am a London based artist with a background in graphic design and adult education.


Anna Sikorska and Nir Segal (ANNA v NIR)

ex-Slade and Slade PhD

Artists and

Statement about your practice:

Anna v Nir is a collaboration creating seriously playful artworks.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants:

We’d like to show a piece in-progress, and also involve the participants in making one of their own in the series.


Alexandra Lam

Wimbledon College of Arts

Fine Art Sculpture First Year

Statement about your practice:

Phenomenology is my current focus of investigation. My work aims to stimulate the consciousness of the body within a space. I want my viewers to experience their existence in the presence of my work.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

If my work questions viewers about body and space. How they feel about my work.


Fiona McAuliffe

Camberwell College of Arts (UAL)

BA (Hons) Painting 3rd year

Personal website under construction (due to be launched in 2015)

Statement about your practice:

Fiona is a contemporary polyglot artist whose work is semi confessional covering unique scenarios such as a Near Death experience, disabilities, working in a war zone, the transformation of the body, the empowerment of women, travellers tales and how destiny has made her return to Art etc. Fiona is currently completing a Fine Arts Degree at Camberwell College of Arts (University of Arts, London) and she undertook courses at The Slade School of Art (University College London), Heatherleys, The Art Academy, The Princes Drawing School. Fiona was one of the first students to study the Art & Anatomy course at The Ruskin School, Oxford University. In her first year at UAL she was elected Student Rep, she worked as an Artist Assistant to Swiss Artist, John Armleder, she is a committee member for Disabled and Dyslexic students at UAL. In October 2014 she gave presentations and exhibited at Tate Modern.


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