Crit 53 @ Shape Gallery, 2 October 2014


Thursday 2 October 2014
Workshop ‘Talking About Art’ 6-7pm
Q-Art Crit 7-9pm

Shape Arts Pop Up Gallery
Westfield Stratford City
91/92 The Street
E20 1EJ

We are connecting with Shape Arts to run this event.

From 6-7pm we will run a workshop that aims to introduce people to the model of the crit and give tips for talking more confidently about art in a crit environment (limited spaces).

From 7-9pm we will run a Q-Art crit where 4 artists with a variety of backgrounds will present work for feedback and discussion.

If you’d like to attend either or both of these events please rsvp jointly to [email protected] and Shape Art’s Eventbrite page indicating which event (s) you’d like to attend. Please rsvp to Karen if you’d like to present work at the crit.


Presenters details


Ed Hadfield

BA Painting 3rd Year

Camberwell College of Art


Statement about your practice:

I’m a London based urban artist whose performative practice takes experiential knowledge from the here and now of everyday lived environments. I choose to view the world through a poetic field of vision infused with an optimistic ‘wish fantasy’ in the vein of Karl Mannheim. The making of an art object for me is a commitment to a way of thinking about the world.

My art is made up of words and non-conventional symbols that I manipulate with signifiers to convey highly conceptual art, plus art dominated by an emotional aesthetic. The indexical trace is a strong component in my art providing an expressive link to my body. I also use poetic theory to manipulate language.

The metaphysical position underlying my practice is the ontological notion of Becoming. I’m excited to be open to the influence of objects and events; leading to new ways of engaging with the world.

Feedback you are seeking from the Crit:

I’m wondering how the art object works for the crit participants? What ideas do they take away from the art object? What emotions do they take away from the art object? Are they put off by the handwritten aesthetic of the piece in terms of craft and resolution?


Helga D Fannon

BA Print and time based media 3rd Year

Wimbledon College of Art

Personal Website:


Statement about your practice:

I find an endless amount of inspiration from the natural world, my admiration for nature and its inhabitants are constant recurring topics in my work.

I favour to work with the obsolete medium film in my pieces, mainly 16 mm which I source from flea markets or my own filmed footage. Working with the obsolete medium of film in my practice is a sort of moribund illustration of the approaching end. I feel that there is something beautifully alchemic about the process of analogue film. My films play out as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet meanings shift, past and present fuse.

Feedback you are seeking from the Crit:

I’m just curious to see the response to my work and what (if any) emotions it triggers. I’m curious to see how my work is being perceived, I often lose myself in my work and begin to complicate it and add to much. In the end creating a mess which I’m worried only I will understand. I’m also hoping to gain some confidence in presenting and talking about my work.






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