Crit 51 @ The Cass, 19 May 2014

Crit 51 @ The Cass, 19 May 2014

Monday, 19th May, 6pm-8.30pm

2nd Floor Boulevard, Central House, The CASS.

59-63 Whitechapel High Street

London E1 7PF


Presenters Details:

Norman Mine
Third Year, BA Fine Art, London Metropolitan University THE CASS
Statement about your practice:

Norman Mine is an exploration of the blurring line between what is considered reality, staging and theatricality. Exploring issues of image and identity, the projection of the persona into everyday life and the restrictions of convention and expectation, institution and individual, Mine’s work seeks to tease, question, and challenge. Norman Mine is a young Italian artist, living and working in the UK. His work spans sculpture, installation and performance.

Feedback you are seeking from crit

I am just really into what people think; that’s all. Unfortunately within my University I have felt that people are very concern about not been to critical towards their peers. However, I believe that to grow both as a human and as an artist we have to be able to stand for what we believe for, whether people accepting/understanding it or not.


Rosie Munro Kerr
First Year, MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art
Statement about your practice:
My concern lies in the made object and the place of craft processes in a modern world. In a society where the machine provides the most efficient means of making, I investigate the making process, the nature of the repetitive task and the necessary value that this may impart in the final work. I look towards the rudimentary inventions of mankind – the ‘primary technologies’ and practices of functional making. Once serving as innovations, necessary for everyday existence, these have been re-attributed in the modern world as ‘craft’; their function lost, their meaning distorted and their original purpose re-attributed. I intend to investigate the significance of the made object versus the abstract output – the process heavy object which could be created by more efficient means, versus the non-objective output which is experienced through the process of its making.
Feedback you are seeking from crit:
General response to work. Presentation and installation of work.


Paula MacArthur
Turps Correspondence course
RAS, 3 year Post-Graduate Diploma

Statement about your practice:
After a long period of working on a planned series of paintings based on jewels for a solo exhibition I painted one further painting in this series ʻPromise me one thingʼ in January. The show opened mid February and I took some time off out of the studio to try and de-stress and clear my head as well as try to promote the exhibition. I had a strong sense that it was time to start experimenting again as Iʼd felt that while making the works for the show; which I wanted to be a coherent body of work, I had consciously suppressed urges to try any new ideas. I have been experimenting with much more abstracted images in printmaking and wanted to try to try to bring the focus onto the colour and marks in my painting too.

Feedback you are seeking from crit:
I’d like to hear how everyone sees and understands the paintings and find out what the work communicates. I’d like to start the crit by just listening to how everyone describes the work.


Charlie Tepasse

Statement about your practice:

Portraits painted usually in one sitting, alla prima. I often find myself reacting however I approached a painting last, which doesn’t leave much of a stylistic narrative in my work. I have now returned to drawing after many years of neglecting that practice.


Feedback you are seeking from crit

I rarely put myself in a position where I have to discuss my work, so I would like to test myself


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