Crit 49 @ Space Studio Project Space, 3 April 2014
Thursday 3rd April
Space studio project space
129 – 131 Mare Street,
E8 3RH
Crit Presenters:
Hollie Slaughter
MFA, year 1, Wimbledon College of Art
www.hsslaughter.wordpress.comI am fascinated by consumer culture and the ideas that surround issues of excess within the western world. I am examining the possibilities that the throwaway nature of the western culture may extend beyond the groceries we buy, perhaps even as far as our relationships, ideas and opinions and ultimately, our personal identity. If something is not right for us then we have the chance to upgrade. This attitude may disturb relationships or career choices as all we have is seemingly disposable.

To keep or to throwaway? to swipe left or right? I am intrigued how we can consume people. Primarily through ideas surrounding the use of social media and dating apps.


Naomi Fitzsimmons
Graduate, BA Fine Art, Chelsea School of Art.


My practice deals with the interaction between artist and audience and the space in which this reciprocal exchange takes place. Working primarily in performance, there is an obvious interrogation into the physicality of this relationship, and my work values the live encounters and communication that it creates.

Assuming the role of director, I often choose to work with a variety of cross disciplinary performers, including actors, dancers, sports commentators, singers and fortune tellers; all of whom become co-authors to the final product. This collaborative process is as important as the end result and allows my work to embrace the gap between intention and interpretation.


Bryony Hussey
Year 3, BA Fine Art, Central Saint Martins.

I collect ephemera from my life and work performatively with their placement sculpturally. The sculptures have no fixatives, but simply arranged and stacked objects. Repetitious arranging and re-arranging to create new associations are seen through both video and performance. The documentation and palimpsest of ephemeral encounters, like the relationships made between the objects, are a key ingredient of my practice. ‘By hand’ is a pivotal notion in my thinking and art’s relationship to craft and making. The touching and holding onto something are a constitutive articulation of my videos. I want to show the accumulation of keeping and holding onto objects in relation to the body of the collector.


Ros Faram
year 1, Turps Banana Painting school

Statement about your practice:

Painting in oils and watercolour.

Recently moved away fro using photographs and now working from drawings, using collaging of motifs to find ways of solving composition questions.



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