Crit 48 @ Griffin Gallery, 29 March 2014

Saturday 29th March, 12-3pm

Griffin Gallery Tea room

The Studio Building,
21, Evesham Street,
W11 4AJ

rsvp: [email protected]


Presenters’ Details:

Beata Kozlowska
Graduate, Chelsea College of Arts and Design, MA Fine Art

Statement about your practice:

Recent work is based in majority on abstract drawings, using black and red pen on paper. The process of creation oscillates between gesture of child-like intuitive doodles, or primodial geometric elements and highly controlled, quasi-architectonic mapping.

Kozlowska’s practice also revolve around experimentation with video and installation work, utilizing pre-existing elements and part-objects as additional realization of the language –Syntactical play with mind mapping.

The work is in particular influenced by modernist architecture, utopian Suprematism and TOE in contemporary physics.


Olga Osipova

Statement about your practice:

I have always had a keen interest in visual arts and particularly enjoy watercolour, ink mediums. I did a short course on Portraits (St.Martins) and Fashion Illustration (Somerset House). I am exploring different materials and varios styles as ways of self-expression. I love sculpture, interior, stage decorations and period costume design. Being born and brought up in St.Petersburg – theatre visits have always been a big part of my life. Now I feel very lucky to live in London and greatly enjoy it’s cultural diversity and the creative bunch of people it shelters. London itself is a stage with lots of characters and stories behind them I guess this is what captivates me and inspires me everyday and what I am trying to show through my art, illustrating the capital city the way I see it.


Leon Pozniakow
Graduate of The Princes Drawing School 2013
Statement of your practice:

I paint and I draw.
Drawing from observation I use to investigate any subject, ultimately to make a mutual connection. A connection that is as particular to the nature of drawing as it is  unpredictable. Painting is a place where I talk to myself. The formation of an image is a concoction of voices. The Apollonian and the Dionysian combine. Passions are tempered by the   Intellect. In this way the act of painting can be a very sophisticated analytical process. My practice as an artist is dedicated to the exploration of the dual forces within our behaviour.

I am interested in the personal interpretation and reaction to my images. But more so, I am interested in reading others work. I am a
tutor and nothing fascinates me more than the levels (some of which hidden) of unity between artists and what they make.


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