Crit 47 @ University of Leeds. 11 March 2014

Tuesday, 11st March, 6.00-8.30pm.

G19 Old Mining Building
School of Fine Art, History of Art and Cultural Studies
Woodhouse Lane
University of Leeds

Open to all. If you would like to present work at this crit or attend, please email [email protected], copying in [email protected]

Presenters’ details:

Georgia Lucas-Going
Graduate, Leeds College of Art

Luton. Black. White. Installation. Slang. Performance. Low fi. Hi Res. Coloured. Jokes.


Samela Otovic
1st Year, BA Fine Art, Leeds Met.

My work looks at the process of paining exploring colour through different media. I am working on some Abstract landscapes which I have been collecting my own pigments to make my own colours – in order to paint with interacting with nature itself, however  I came to prefer trying to gain an organic look through using different colour combinations of diluted down oil paints. i have tried not to think about what i am doing as much in order for it to develop.

Anne Järvi
2nd year, BA Fine Art, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

I portray humans. Often literally but even when you cannot see them they are there. I tell stories, with few words, with lines and forms. I borrow from literature and popular culture. I use the shared knowledge and try to create something quite familiar.

I like to keep thing plain and simple.

My work is handwork. Most apparent it becomes with pieces done using handicraft techniques but the word handmade describes well my practice as a whole. For me string and needle are mediums as much as pen and paper. I use them as tools to tell my stories.


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