CRIT 46 @ Central St Martins, 24 Febuary 2014

Monday 24th Feb.

Room M302, Third floor.
Central St Martins
Granary Building, 1 Granary Square.
London N1C 4AA

Open to all. If you would like to attend this crit, please email [email protected], copying in [email protected]


Presenter’s details:

Roisin Fogarty
Year One, Correspondence Course,  Turps Art School.

Statement about your practice :

My paintings are observational studies of still life set-ups that I construct in my studio using cardboard and gift wrap. I am interested in pictorial logic and the dynamics of spatial awareness. The work examines relationships between two-dimensional surface pattern and three-dimensional space.


Letizia Reuss

Statement about your practice:

Letizia Reuss work is inspired by philosophy, literature, neuro-aesthetics and the latest forays in neuro-imaging which allow for an understanding of the relationship between Art and the brain.

Reuss embraces the current meta-modernist movement (a yearning for ideals superimposed to irony). She expresses this duality by a cynical, sometimes bleak vision often camouflaged by humour.

She morphs paradoxes in singular works: some artworks refute the philosophical and historical dichotomy of Western Art whilst questioning our epoch: the marble heroes of the past are sick, flabby; in some, of a more ecological nature, she recreates structures, balloon objects, “natures mortes” also hollowed from their matter, expressing a lack of substance inherent to our times and the destruction of our environment.


Italia Rossi
1st Yesr, MA Fine Art, CSM

Statement about your practice:

Trained originally in Architecture and with some experiences of Performing Art, my practice explores the space and the presence of the body. Subjects and imagery derive from architecture, graphics, geometry, psychology of perception, movement and self-detection.

The work deliberately mixes 3D and 2D aspects, combining digital prints, drawings, photos and objects to test ideas and concepts in different spaces and media-contests.


Wing Chan
2nd Year, BA Fine Art, Goldsmiths

Statement about your practice:

My practice are focusing on the disorientation and impossibility to maintain psychic assimilation that is convincing and factual between reality and “artificial reality” that has been generated from advanced technologies.

Particularly interested in the social and psychological impact from cinematic, filmic and photographic experiences. My practice explores how these artificial reality can affect our ways of believe and the idea of faith.



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