CRIT 45 @ Cass Art Islington, 20th January 2014

Monday 20th January, 2014
7.30 -9.30 pm.


66-67 Colebrooke Row,
 London, N1 8AB


Open to all. If you would like to attend this crit, please email [email protected], copying in [email protected]

You can also book the event through Cass Art’s eventbite page at:

Crit Presenters:

Lee Knott
Graduate, BA Fine Art, Cass.


Statement about your practice:

I am a contemporary painter who feels it is important to keep painting relevant, I try to do this by using paint in a way that ‘only paint can do the job’ and by creating a slick aesthetic that echoes, amongst other things, CGI imagery.  When I start a painting I initially work quickly and spontaneously with no initial idea of how I want the painting to come out.  The idea of starting a painting and without knowing what it’s outcome will be excites me, as does the freedom of being in the moment with the materials, working quickly and following my instincts until a seed of an image appears of which I can hone in on, expand on, and then highlight by blocking out the surrounding areas of the canvas with a flat complimentary colour. The content in my work is in the act of painting and the physical recording of that act, the finish and the aesthetic.


Jon Clair
1st year, MFA, Wimbledon College of Art.

 Statement about your practice:

My work explores contemporary concepts of identity at the interface of sexuality, human behaviour and our digital lives. I am interested in personal and impersonal experiences of intimacy, and the materiality of digital imagery.

JK (Jevgenija Klujeva)
2nd year, BA Mixed Media Fine Art, University of Westminster

Statement about your practice:

At the moment I am interested in the relationships between artists, galleries and viewers.

I am not interested in any particular media, I am more interested in questioning things I encounter while trying to learn how to be an artist. I use art as a way of documenting my thoughts.

As an art student I am thinking about my future in the art world and I worry about the role galleries play from the point of view of an unestablished artist and their inaccessibility and elitism.


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