Crit 40 @ UAL High Holborn, 23rd October 2013

Wednesday 23rd October 2013 , 6 – 8.30pm

University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn
(Top floor, boardroom 902)

Open to all. If you would like to present work at this crit or attend, please email  [email protected].

Event Programme: Q-Art Programme 22 Oct. 2013


Presenters’ statements:

John Foster


Essentially a self-taught South London artist, John Foster has also enjoyed a brief introduction to oil painting at Chelsea College Of Art.

He is now concerned with the therapeutic potential of viewing and producing artworks. His hope is to inspire others to create for the purpose of self expression and emotional wellbeing.


Adam Fenton
Graduate, BA Fine Art & History of Art, Goldsmiths

Statement about your practice:

Going beyond ordinary landscape painting, I allow myself to be led by my interest in the contemporary superficiality of aesthetics.

I have recently been creating the same painting over and over, trying to keep the images as similar as possible. I am particularly concerned with what happens to the artistic or economic value of the individual work when it exists as part of an inseparable series. The multiplicity of images reveals to the viewer unavoidable discrepancies between paintings as a result of the process of painting itself.


Alvin Tran
Foundations, CCW

Statement about your practice:

I am an interdisciplinary artist that looks into my Chinese cultural past to inform my position and identity in the western world that I was born into. I am intrigued by the space between painted images that teeter between illusion and the physicality of materials that compose them. The materials I use have intrinsic narratives to the symbols/ narratives I depict and by utilizing divergent materials, I strive to erode the illusion of the picture plane and create a dynamic between the window of painting and an object.


Debra Lee Taylor
2nd Year, MFA Fine Art, Wimbledon College of Art


My work explores the realms of human relationships and their sustainability under pressures of modern life and analyses art as a form of healing? In recent years there has been an increase in the breakdown of marriage, mainly initiated by women. Have women’s expectations changed? I use the iPad for its versatility and immediacy. It’s process mirrors the fast pace of modern life and our modern relationships. It’s function reiterates the apparent ease with which relationships appear to breakdown, dissolve and fade from one into the next and clarifies the term, “throw-away-society”, where relationships disperse with little sense of preciousness. The overall finished works are the combination of intimately collaged together, photographic images within digitally painted, imagined landscapes; giving an off kilter appearance which further emphasises the multifarious nature of relationships.



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