Crit 38 @ Leeds College of Art, 8th October 2013

Tuesday  8th October 2013,  4-7pm.


Studio Theatre
Leeds College of Art
Blenheim Walk
Leeds  LS2 9AQ ‎

This academic year Q-Art will be running cross-college crits in art colleges and gallery spaces throughout Leeds.

Open to all. If you would like to present work at this crit or attend, please email  [email protected].


Presenters’ Details:

Lana Grabinskis Sherwood
First Year BA Fine Art, Leeds College of Art

Statement about your practice:

I am a figurative artist, living in Halifax, West Yorkshire, however I was born and lived for most of my life in County Durham.

I am intrigued by movement, and movement within stillness. I have a passion for working with oil and gold leaf. I have made studies of the “dancer” framing strength, speed, grace and encompassing the emotion of the subject, allowing the viewer to believe that they have captured a fraction of a performance. I shall continue to work, extending the boundaries within my capabilities, producing work which others may enjoy as much as I am compelled to paint.

Tom McGinn
Third year BA Fine Art, University of Leeds

Statement about your practice :

My current practice takes an irreverent and playful approach to canonized examples of 20th Century art-history. Using a strategy of appropriation and cultural mixing, often introducing aspects of technology, I seek to inject re-presentations of iconic or recogniseable works with fresh perspectives.

Jack Fisher
BA Fine Art, Third Year, Leeds College of Art

Statement about your practice :

As a maker of images and collector of objects; my work is an attempt to question realism through a primarily online viewed experience. Tangible works produced respond to the realness of objects in relation to the hyper-proliferation of visual culture. Uploading and displaying my work in a public arena instantly allows for a new form of critique and value system. I am interested in how mass collaboration is changing the way we now engage with information continuously. This creates a form of prosthetic knowledge shared publicly between all that have the capabilities of accessing it.

Georgia Lucas from DUPE.
Leeds College Of Art Fellowship

DUPE is a London based collective

A printed zine and online blog

Conceived, written, filmed and illustrated by artists

Previous theme: HAIR Current theme: ROAD TRIP Upcoming theme: DARK


Ellie MacGarry
BA  Fine Art, University of Leeds

Statement about your practice :

My practice is centred around painting but I also make ink drawings and screenprints. I am largely preoccupied with colour; in my paintings I am aiming to create abstract images which aren’t exactly recognisable but may be evocative of something recognisable. I create spaces in which forms sit in front or behind one another. They often stem from an experience or sentiment or simply a phrase or word. I like them to be playful and sometimes even a little humorous.


John Slemensek
BA Fine Art Graudate, Leeds Met.

Statement about your practice:

I am an artist who believes that you must act as a catalyst in order to achieve genuine social impact. Your placement as a person in time is your artistic practice.



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