Crit 35 @ Cass School of Art, 11 April 2013

Thursday 11st April, 6.30-8.45pm
Cass School of Art
Central House
59-63 Whitechapel High Street
E1 7PF


Crit Presenters:

Daria Śmiechowska
year 1, BA Fine Art, Cass College of Art

[email protected]

Statement about your practice :
My work intends to create a specific view through its visual process and it aims to involve receiver into a specific emotion. I practice drawing as an unrepeatable act, form and medium of expression, using pencil I also play with possibility of adding colors onto the surface in order to make some kind of accidental marks that finally may constitute important part in the whole picture. I am interested in combining the view of an image created with accidental marks, together with an image that has been created very deliberately. I research drawing as a natural form of expression, drawing line that creates specific space for the viewer.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

I’m trying to catch up with today’s contemporary understanding about very traditional art, which I currently apply to my practice, or so trying to catch up how other people see my fine art pieces and what is their view, if this is perhaps close or far from the actual idea I’m trying to sent or present via my work, how my work communicates, this could possibly help me establish my future projects.


Isabelle Gressel

Statement about your practice :
Our everyday lives are structured by rituals composed of journeys to and from work, household chores, greetings and social expectations. To function in a society and place oneself within it, we construct (whether consciously or not) an elaborate labyrinth of facts that solidify our identity. And yet, while holding onto this comprehensive packaging, we continually break habits and alter our relationship with others and our own structure. My interest lies in exploring how we alter these structures and its affect on our relationships with others and our self-awareness.
My aim is to create works that question these routines and explores the manner in which we observe and choose to react to a situation. I work in multi-media, focusing on performance, video and text based works. Involving the viewer as a performer through narrative and humour is central to my work.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:
General feedback would be much appreciated.


Ami Ghia
Student, Central Saint Martins.

Statement about your practice:

My art is inspired by the age old tradition of ceremonial Mehendi art, predominantly used as a body art since ancient times in India. The intricate patterns and motifs created by using a plastic cone with a needle eye have fascinated me since early childhood and built a strong foundation of my interest in free hand drawing and art.

Mehendi art is referred to in ancient Hinduism’s Vedic ritual books as to have the power to awaken one’s inner light and offer a pious devotion before any new beginning in life.

I wish to extend this art form from a body art to an art which can inspire and add purity to any object that adorns it. Using ceramic china clay and glue, I wish to eternalise the art motifs which otherwise obliterate in a few days after application.

My current work is depicting an underwater sea life in a coral reef using the Mehendi art motifs. A bouquet of innocent aquatic life is attracted towards a sparkling vase which represents an unknown universe, and enters it with devotion expecting a paradise like any newly wed bride, but would it always be so or would it be asking this life for the ultimate sacrifice.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

I am keen to see how my work is interpreted, get comments on the challenges on presentation of this work to galleries and in the non-gallery context and to gather fresh comments to develop it further.


Zuqiang Peng
Year 2, BA History of Art, Goldsmiths.

[email protected]

Statement about your practice:

The work I am presenting this time ‘East Chang’an Avenue’ was produced in October 2012. With a combination of news clips and street view images collected from the internet, the work was a reflection of my experience walking on this Avenue in Beijing which accommodates many of the Chinese governmental ministries. The work served as a great starting point for my on-going research.

My research is informed by different coordinates of Chinese contemporary experience. For instance: Complexities around television broadcasting and its distributions; mythologies and symbolisms behind new architectures built in China; Renovation in Chinese cities and the peculiarities of urbanisms. I am looking at the cross section of my own personal stories with the greater political conditions in my research.

Feedback you are seeking from crit participants and what you’d most like to get out of the crit:

Is language a barrier for you to engage with the work?
How does the visual effect influence your view on the work?
All other feedback welcomed.



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