Crit 34 @ UAL High Holborn, 25 February 2013


Monday 25th February, 6.30-8.30pm
University of the Arts London
272 High Holborn
(Top floor, boardroom 902)


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Crit Presenters:

Melinda Lauw
Year 1, BA Fine Art and Art History, Goldsmiths

My practice revolves around ideas of freedom and spontaneity, often drawing from my personal experiences. I conceptualize my works from simple ideas and I refuse to overcomplicate or mystify what I make. I believe in making art that is approachable and generous.

I am currently interested in domestic interiors, objects and materials, particularly traditional Chinese iconology, working and experimenting with textiles.

I would most like to see how my work is interpreted outside the context of art school and to gather fresh comments on my work so I can develop it further.



Natalia Skobeeva
Graduate, Central St. Martins.

Being of transnational background (born in Russia, based in Belgium and earlier in the UK), I explore how the issues of particular and universal are re-negotiated in the context of ambivalent (non)belonging by mankind of the internet era.


Chris Alton
Year 2, Middlesex University

Predominantly encompassing sculpture, installation, public interventions and participation, Chris Alton’s artistic practice is diverse and as changeable as your socks.

His current body of work explores parenthood, physical representation of mental states (including mental illness) and the evacuated body. The installation has its roots in seaside peep-boards, which the artist has appropriated for their reduced identity and manipulative nature.

I am seeking feedback on how the work communicates its concept, as well as any other contributions.


Emily Woolley
Year 1, Goldsmiths

I am in the first year of a BA degree and so my practice is still at a very experimental stage.  I am currently attempting to capture acts of intimacy between couples through sculpture.

I am looking for feedback on the formal properties of the sculpture; specifically choice of materials. Also any comments on the decision to display the sculpture on the wall rather than the floor would be great.






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