Crit #27, @Cass School of Art, 24 May 2012

Presenting artists:

Annabel Tilley

Annabel Tilley’s practice ‘follows similar concerns of those within the framework of Institutional Critique … Tilley works with fragile materials; often collecting and sourcing fragments of long forgotten news clippings or distorted taxonomic images. Tilley’s drawings are often a commentary and response to institutionally commissioned objects …. a poetic aesthetic of time that also shows a reverence for history.’

Adrian Dunn

Year 1, Open University

I like to soak up the images I see around me; advertising bill-boards, movie posters or public information notices and subvert them. It’s a kind of satirical pop art that I hope promotes some inner dialogue within the viewer’s mind, if nothing else.

The image I’m trying to produce dictates the media and style I need to practice for that project. If the final product requires a photo-realistic oil painting, then so be it. Equally, a rough sketch or an atmospheric snap shot may be best to give the final image its greatest impact.

 Gerald Curtis

Graduate. BA (hons) Fine Art . UCA, Canterbury

My artistic practice engages with localised urban and suburban environments to create fragile temporary responses that stem from interactions with those spaces. Working between controlled informed uses of particular mediums and intuitive processes of audience participation, I draw upon instructions and systems gleaned from Conceptual Art and combine them with negotiation in my work.

Rachel Wilson

Goldsmiths, BA Art Practice

I work with appropriated images, still film photography and videos that often become sculptural or installation based pieces. I’m interested in trying to inhabit an image or a narrative, capturing something as an image, remembering the event, possessing a fragment which is both less and more real can be more satisfying that living the event because it can be relished as something caught and lost simultaneously.


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