Crit#29, @Edinburgh College of Art, 6 November 2012
6 artists from across the Scottish Colleges presented work at Edinburgh College of Art. This was our first crit to occur outside of London and took place following an invitation from the Fruitmarket Gallery. Later that day we participated in their event StudentMarket.

Presenting artists:

Ellen Adams (Edinburgh College of Art, Painting)

I am currently exploring the various library spaces around Edinburgh. I am interested in capturing the different atmospheres and individual details of the libraries as well as the way people behave when in these environments.

Conor Baird (Gray’s School of Art, Final year student)

I like the idea of the artist as a being on a journey; his ideas, struggles, doubts, desires, fears and frustrations. I want to distract his ego and to make work that is honest and admits problems.
My sense of self comes from sexuality, romanticism, tragedy and the heart.
What are the powers of the artist in creativity?
And what are the powers of myself in connection to this world?
Where do the boundaries of my artistic life and personal life become clear or are they blurred?

Mia Nelle Droschler (Goldsmiths BA Fine Art Graduate)

This quote is one of the motivation for my new series, where I seek to create ‘dreamscapes’ in a magical realistic universe. If accepted, I would like to discuss the media; photo manipulated images as a way to engage the spectator in a fantasy world by bringing different elements into a ‘new’ reality.
I would also like to discuss the context in which art work is being seen, as the five photographic collages are planned to be show cased inside a glass house. How would this affect the perception of the work? Clearly, I would also be interested in general feed back on the collages, which is a new way media for me to work in.

Fiona Macmillan Powell

(Duncan of Jordanston College of art and Design, Student Lv 2 of Art, Philosophy and Contemporary Practises)

My work compromises of photographic prints of performance, portraiture and instillation. I also make traditional etched prints using my gathered imagery and apply line, pattern and colour using tantric methods.
Feedback sought: I would be extremely interested to hear the opinions and feedback of other artists on the subject of combining my philosophical studies to my art process. Furthermore the chance to mingle and make acquaintance with other artists and seeing their work is always a rich creative experience.

Laura Reilly (Grays School of Art, Aberdeen)

Considering, in particular, the creation of mark-making from the body within space. Currently, I am interested in the exploration of spaces through the use of the body, gesture, mark-making and drawing; therefore I would be interested in having this work discussed and dissected in order to help my self-awareness and critical mind. I would also hope to discuss the practice of live or performative drawing as it is a growing interest for me which I am curious to explore.

Dennis J. Reinmüller (Edinburgh College of Art., 4th year)

The piece is figurative, but I am not mainly a figurative artist. I am interested in underlying contemporary ideologies, so using the figure in this particular piece is a means to an end.


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