Art Crits : 20 Questions. A Commissioned Artist’s Video

Art Crits : 20 Questions – A Commissioned Artist’s Video (Talking About Talking About: An Introduction to Visual Art Critiques by Giles Bunch)

We asked recent graduate and presenter at one of our crits, Giles Bunch, to make a video guide to the art crit. The video contains interviews with fine art staff, industry professionals, students, graduates and self-trained artists from around the UK. It aims to prompt questions, discussion, inspiration, invention and above all confidence amongst participants and facilitators alike when approaching the crit.

The video is divided into four chapters but it can also be viewed as a whole or selected from. We have also included scripts to help you ‘seek’ to specific topics that you may be most interested in. 


(left)  Full video script


(Find links to our Vimeo channel and chapter scripts below)

CHAPTER 1: The purpose of the art critique

In this section staff and participants discuss the definition and purpose of the art crit.

Part 1 – The Purpose of the Art Critique / Script for Part 1 

CHAPTER 2: Finding the right approach to the critique

This section looks at some of the different ways of organizing a crit and how/ why in art colleges, approaches might differ across year groups.

 Part 2 – Finding the Right Approach  / Script for Part 2

CHAPTER 3: Problems around critiques and solutions to these

This section looks at some of the barriers that people might face to taking part in crits and some of the ways we might overcome them. These include things associated with public speaking, ways to read an artwork, language barriers, and being intimidated by more dominant members in the group.

 Part 3 – Problems around critiques and solutions to these / Script for Part 3

CHAPTER 4: Reading an artwork and public speaking tips

This section gives tips for finding a way into an art work and overcoming nerves around public speaking. This chapter can also be of use outside of the crit situation.

  Part 4 – Reading an art work and public speaking tips / Script for Part 4

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