We regularly take on commissions for new work that either draws upon the content of our publications and tailors it to meet the needs of specific audiences groups or draws upon the knowledge and skills  of those within the team to produce new research. Below are some examples:

If you’d like to commission something from us please get in touch with [email protected]



A guide to setting up crits for graduates: LINK

The Sorrell Foundation

An ‘Introduction to the crit’ guide targeted at 14-16 year olds. This accompanied a workshop that Q-Art ran at Tate Modern as part of the Sorrell Foundations National Art and Design Saturday Club.


The lay of the land: current approaches to professional practice in visual and applied arts BA courses’ – A report by Sarah Rowles for a-n.

University of the Arts London

We wrote content for the fine art section of UAL’s new Academic Support Website. We devised copy for sections on ‘Assessment’, ‘The Crit’ and ‘Finding Your Own Ways of Working’.


Not for profit

We are an independent organisation. Any money we raise feeds back into the running of the organisation and helps us deliver on our mission


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